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Welcome to Naxian Rhapsody - Naxian Rhapsody

Welcome to Naxian Rhapsody

A graceful stone residence set on a rarely-sighted geological profile that strikes a chord, like an harp, in every visitor.

In ancient Greece rapsody, derives from Greek rhapsōidia; a recitation of selections from epic poetry; an epic poem or part of an epic recited by a rhapsodist. Rhapsodes were exclusively reciters of the compositions of others, which they consigned to memory. In the oral tradition of epic poetry, they represent the stage that followed that of the “aoidoi”, who created poems on traditional epic subjects each time they performed.

Bearing this in mind, Naxian Rapsody marks the symbolical “handover” to the new generation from the grandfather, to father and then to daughters, who with fresh ideas, appetite, and passion continue a legacy of more than 10 years.
Like a music in your ears, that enchants all who visit
Located in a lunar landscape that makes it vastly different from every other shore in Naxos, featuring awe-inspiring, smooth rocks with plenty of horizontal layering. Just a breath away from the world-famous Naxian majestic beaches, but far enough so as to offer you the tranquillity and peacefulness we all seek in our treasured holiday time, Naxian Rhapsody.
Experience the epitome of elegance and luxury - Naxian Rhapsody

Experience the epitome of elegance and luxury

On Naxos island, just a breath away from Agios Prokopios beach, the serene ambiance of Naxian Rapsody meets discreet luxury with a most welcoming feeling in its spacious suites and villas.

The effect of stone, the earthy colour tones, the design statement pieces, the top-quality linens, the fluffy towels and bathrobes, the upper-scale bathroom amenities, the generous indoor and outdoor spaces, the unblocked sea view are only some of the key-pieces making Naxian Rapsody the absolute best choice for romantic couples, modern families, and sophisticated solo travellers alike.

Indulge in refined living

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