A graceful stone residence set on a rarely-sighted geological profile that strikes a chord,
like an harp, in every visitor.

In ancient Greece rapsody, derives from Greek rhapsōidia; a recitation of selections from epic poetry; an epic poem or part of an epic recited by a rhapsodist. Rhapsodes were exclusively reciters of the compositions of others, which they consigned to memory. In the oral tradition of epic poetry, they represent the stage that followed that of the “aoidoi”, who created poems on traditional epic subjects each time they performed.

Bearing this in mind, Naxian Rapsody marks the symbolical “handover” to the new generation from the grandfather, to father and then to daughters, who with fresh ideas, appetite, and passion continue a legacy of more than 10 years.
Serenity and majestic views - Naxian Rhapsody

Serenity and majestic views

...just a stone’s throw away from the most mythical crystal clear beaches. Carved in the very heart of the Naxian rocky landscape, Naxian Rapsody Luxury Villas and Suites awaits to become your personal heaven of serenity and relaxation.
This mythical all-suite hotel, located in the traditional and utterly picturesque settlement of Stelida, ticks all the boxes when it comes to dreamlike holidays in the Cyclades, with a homey charm and an elegant flair.

Located in a lunar landscape that makes it vastly different from every other shore in Naxos, featuring awe-inspiring, smooth rocks with plenty of horizontal layering. Just a breath away from the world-famous Naxian majestic beaches, but far enough so as to offer you the tranquillity and peacefulness we all seek in our treasured holiday time, Naxian Rhapsody. Like a music in your ears, that enchants all who visit.

Rhapsody properties are created holistically and evolve organically, the architecture always true to each destination. Discreet sanctuaries and spaces are sensitive and authentic to geography, design and cultural heritage - every suite of Naxian Rapsody gently unfolds with simplicity and elegance providing an immediate sense of belonging.
Embrace the Naxian’s Bio Lifestyle
Our hospitality is a celebration of nature and authenticity. We, at Naxian Rapsody become part of the physical surroundings, giving a great attention to our landscape by embedding the rocky concept to our structure. Natural materials, handcrafted wooden creations, and furniture by rattan plant, along the desire to offer indulgent, tailor-made experiences are applied in all hotel rooms and suites, but every experience offered also aims to ensure a unique living with us. We take big steps towards sustainable actions by eliminating unnecessary water and electricity consumption (key card activated electricity, environmental opt-in option for changing the towels). 
the spirit of Rapsody remains intangible - Naxian Rhapsody

the spirit of Rapsody remains intangible

Our innovative concept makes you feel right at home. We aspire to offer our clients local Naxian bites that are served during breakfast or at all day bar. Being in touch with nature is essential; embrace nature and the Naxian’s Rapsody lifestyle and feel what life is all about!

Naxian Rapsody ushers in serenity with utter respect to the picturesque wild settlement. Like a book of untold stories, like an “harp” instrument that unfolds harmonically, the spirit of Rapsody remains intangible.

Six suites, and exceptional villas - hidden away in Naxian wild nature - encourage you to relax and enjoy pampering time. Loose yourself in the breath-taking views, relax, realign and reconnect with yourself - and nature. Feel the sun seeping into your bones.